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dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Harvest 2014 - H-Few Hours

A final cut was given all week to aerate and facilitate cutting. The vines are "squared".

A toad in a path down the vine

Pinots Noirs are waiting for only one thing, being cut and reached the press to be transformed in a few months into Champagne!

Just as Pinot Meunier (below)

Preparing for the Harvest - Second Part

The 2014 harvest is now starting in a few hours with our team which is made ​​up of many new ones his year

Raincoats and wadders are ready (in case of morning dew or rain...), spruce are in the starting blocks...

... tables and chairs have been installed pending for the team...

...baskest were bored and are waiting for the arrivals of the pickers...

...See you a little every day for photos of harvest, the result of a year's work!

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