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mercredi 31 août 2011

Harvest 2011 - A few pictures

It's still enjoyable with this nice weather!

Harvest 2011 - The first 4 days (29th August)

The harvest has now begun 4 days ago. It's time for a little assessement.
The year is beautiful, the pounds are well cut and the grapes are beautiful. Rot was not too developed despite the thunderstorms Friday and Saturday.

The weigh-in of the day: 4 000kg of grapes cut

Harvest - First Day (26th August)

The first shots of secateurs were given this morning at 8am. Unfortunately the weather is not with us (thunderstorms and heavy showers). Hopefully this is only temporary and the rest of the week will be dry and sunny (for both the harvesters and the harvest!)

Harvest to be followed on the blog

Scent of Harvest in the air (25th August)

After yet another check that everything was ready for harvesting tomorrow, we will try to sleep well for a good start to this new campaign!

Vintage 2011 here we come!

Harvest to be followed on the blog.

jeudi 18 août 2011

Dates for the 2011 Harvest

The opening dates of the harvest were annonced yesterday afternoon. We will begin Friday, August 26th with Pinot Meunier from Janvry and Courcelles-Sapicourt and finish with the pinot noir and chardonnay from August 29. A first!
The first one to begin are some villages in Aube area (August 19th so tomorrow!) And later one will start on September 1st.

This particular year with a hot spring and rainy summer continue to surprise us with the earliest harvest ever seen! Let's hope now that Mother Nature is kind to us and saves us the storms and rains so that the ripeness ends quietly without rot develops.

See you next week!

vendredi 12 août 2011

Veraison (August, 11)

The work in the vineyard is now complete. It remains only paths maintenance (including lawn mowing), some shearing and let the grapes ripen slowly.
We are now in the sixth sampling network called "réseau matu". The regular rainfalls those recent weeks have not yet had a significant negative effect.
Potential alcohol is now an average of 6.5% Vol. Bunches are colored and do so quickly. The mid-ripening stage was exceeded, we are even on the some plots at around 85%.

August, 3rd

The official opening date of the harvest will be determined Wednesday, August 17.