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dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Harvest 2014 - Countdown

The harvest is approaching. Grapes continue their maturation. Here are the latest pictures taken last Sunday.
Pinot Noir at "Chapitres plot"

Some vines are heavy...

While others, well, are rather "light" ...

Chardonnay from "Jardin plot"

Some of them are entangled to form a super cluster

But some grapes are slightly rotten. Fortunately nothing alarming for harvest. These few grains won't go to the press.

Preparing the 2014 Harvest

The countdown begins. The 2014 harvest are at D-6. The boxes arrived, the tractor, the trailer and the chase are ready. Spruce are waiting for the pickers. A little housekeeping to adjust and we will be ready to start Monday, September 15th with the sun (hopefully!)

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