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lundi 24 septembre 2012

Harvest - Day 4 & 5

The harvest began with chilly mornings but relatively beautiful. The rain invited itself Friday afternoon. This little rain is good for the grape but the pickers were less happy...

The grapes are healthy. Little or no rot on grapes. Quantities are small but the quality is there. Will we have an exceptionnal 2012 vintage ? Only time can tell.

A small thunderstorm broke last night with rain. Today we really feel that we are in autumn! It is very cloudy, with rain and wind... The day will be long in the vineyards.

Here are some pictures from Sunday

Some vine stocks are more loaded than others

Harvest - Day 1 (Septembre, 20th)

Sunrise this morning for the first day of harvest herald a beautiful day (but very cool with a small 4°C. ..)
The village is in full swing, it will last at least a week

Harvest - H-13 (September, 19)

It is nearly time! The harvest 2012 is only at few hours ago! Shears have been checked, raincoats sorted, boots lined, baskets and boxes wanshed and tables installed.
I'll see you tomorrow for the first day! But do not forget your sweaters, frosts are expected...

Maturation (September, 12)

After some rain yesterday (September, 11), which is good for the grapes and vines, the autumn came back hardly. We did a tour in the vineyard to see the progress of the maturation.

One thing remains, no matter whatever plots and varieties, there is still heterogeneity between the vine stocks.

Below the Pinot Noir at Courcelles-Sapicourt

Unfortunately, the vineyard's tour also reveals surprises like vine stocks without grapes or with small bunches...

...or bunches which have suffered from heat stroke in late August when the thermometer rose to nearly 42 ° C in the shade...

mercredi 5 septembre 2012

Harvest 2012 - Appellation

Yesterday took place the meeting between the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne), UMC (Champagne Houses' Union) and SGV (Vine growers Union) and an agreement was reached on yields for the harvest: 11,000 kg / ha

Come back saturday for the officials harvest's dates

A scent of harvest...

lundi 3 septembre 2012


Back after a few days away, the grapes continue their maturity but it is far from homogeneous (the same way the flower was held in June...), as shown in the pictures taken yesterday from the plot "Chemin de Reims".

Veraison almost complete

On their way...

And the late ones...

With these differences in maturity, we fear a harvest several times ... Thing we have never done!

Chardonnay at "Jardin"

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th, the pre-harvest meeting between the different actors of the Champagne will take place. It aims to determine the appellation for the 2012 harvest. So we will know more Wednesday morning.