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mercredi 24 septembre 2014

Harvest 2014 - Day 7 - Last Day

The harvest ends with Macs ... An evening of the previous day and a rainy night forced the team to fully equip the latter day... Here are some pictures of the last day:

Pruners and gloves are placed in the baskets for the last time... until next year

Short tour of the village to celebrate the end of harvest!

Review of the 2014 Harvest 

Nearly 26,000 kg of grapes were cut by our team, at the top, in 7 days. That's unheard of! 

Thank you for your work, for your good mood and for the atmosphere, thank you... 
 Many Many thanks to all! And a special thought for our carrier.

See you next year with pleasure!!!

Harvest 2014 - Day 5 and 6

Day 5 - The harvest continued with a little fog in the morning, quickly dissipated, followed by sunshine...

Chardonnay from "Jardin"

Small break

Diversity in the vineyard, snail camouflages

Day 6 - Another beautiful sunrise from the top of Germigny with a view of Reims and Janvry...

...and a foggy morning arrival to 15 acres in Courcelles-Sapicourt

Pinot Noir 

Traditional Press

On one evening, the traditional press, called Dollat​​, gathered us. Here are the photos:


Lowering the tray


First "cake"

First roll up

Cleaning up

The press "naked"

Harvest 2014 - Day 4

More pictures of the harvest, with the sun!

dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Being a Chardonnay grape picker

This second video puts you up a picker in sunny Chardonnay Champagne

The harvest ends today but with Macs ... Pictures of the previous days and the last day will be published in a few days.

vendredi 19 septembre 2014

Being a grape picker

You have never done ​​the harvest and you have always wanted to try. Here is a video that will give you insight to be a harvester of Pinot Meunier for a few minutes:

mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Harvest 2014 - Day 1, 2 and 3

The first 3 days of harvest in pictures. 

Day 1 - First grapes and the first shipments with the sun

Day 2 - Early hours in the fog

Day 3 - Sunrise 

but a lot of dew

Pinot Meunier from "15 ares plot" in Courcelles-Sapicourt

Part of the harvest before the morning snack

Head in leaves!

A hot day on the slopes!

Traffic jam to deliver the grapes at the end of a hard working day

To be continued...

dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Harvest 2014 - H-Few Hours

A final cut was given all week to aerate and facilitate cutting. The vines are "squared".

A toad in a path down the vine

Pinots Noirs are waiting for only one thing, being cut and reached the press to be transformed in a few months into Champagne!

Just as Pinot Meunier (below)

Preparing for the Harvest - Second Part

The 2014 harvest is now starting in a few hours with our team which is made ​​up of many new ones his year

Raincoats and wadders are ready (in case of morning dew or rain...), spruce are in the starting blocks...

... tables and chairs have been installed pending for the team...

...baskest were bored and are waiting for the arrivals of the pickers...

...See you a little every day for photos of harvest, the result of a year's work!