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lundi 12 août 2013

End of Blooming and Trellising

July, 10th

Flowering is now almost complete in all plots. Some clusters are at the "grains of lead" stade. That is to say that the grains are formed and are eager to grow.

The weather has been good for the progress of flowering. It was dry (except for one day) with a light wind which helped pollination and loss of "hats".

Despite the "sexual confusion", we discovered grapeworm. Butterflies laid eggs in clusters and grapeworms eat them. Here the damage clusters.

Here is the culprit

Another plot has been done again this morning. We still have four plots and trellising is finished (still a big week of work).

Between stalks in Courcelles-Sapicourt we found another nest...

Hopefully this time summer will last for several weeks or months. The harvest could maybe start in the second half of September...

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