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lundi 12 août 2013


May, 22nd

The disbudding began today under a grey sky, a cold north wind and a temperature of 8°C in the shade in the morning. It consists in removing the buds or young twigs to avoid excess vegetation. 

A weather report

As you probably heard on the news these days, since the beginning of the year, we are experiencing a lack of sunshine (around 80 hours of sunshine less compared to the 2003-2012 average) temperatures below normal season but high rainfall (30 mm fell on Thursday and Friday 16 and 17 May and Sunday from 19 mm). "Météo France" is not optimistic about the return (or just on arrival) of the sun...

  Mechanical work are expected, but have to wait, even if it is still early to talk about harvest, the vine is currently three weeks behind if we refer to the last 5 years. At this time, we were looking for the blooming but this year it will not be present until mid-June, which would indicate harvest second half of September.
But let's be optimistic and when the sun will be back it will be for several months...

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