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jeudi 4 juin 2015

Tynig up and flowering

 The weather of these recent days and the one to come will not facilitate the work of the vine.
Important winds early this week, expected showers, thunderstorms (which we escaped for the moment) and temperature differences from one day to the next (Friday, June 5: 33°C - Saturday, June 6: 22°C and 28°C today announced and lower temperatures early next week) result in uneven growth. 

Friday June 5 storms which we escaped

Still, the tying up continues



Flowering is well advanced in the plots of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir...

... And had started in the plots of Pinot Meunier

In the same plot, the flower begins only ...

...When some, the entire cluster is in blossom

Close inflorescences 

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