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mardi 8 octobre 2013

Day 3 - Red Wine Vinification and traditional press

Samedi 5 octobre - Red Wine Vinification for the elaboration of Rosé Champagne

The grapes are sorted to keep only the most beautiful and the most mature ones.

At the end of the table, the grapes are de-stemmed (without steps, that way the berries are not broken)

Then the berries are pumped

To get in the tank which will host the maceration

And here's what the rest of the clusters, only the raid

Saturday was also the day of the reactivation of the traditional press.

The 4000 kg of grapes (which corresponds to a pomace) are ready on the dock waiting for manual loading

Once loaded the press, clusters have to be spread evenly across the press

The tray lowers to start pressing

The first juice flow

An hour later, the first press is completed.

The "press cake" has to be return

Then, there will be two other presses and two other press cakes to return.

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