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jeudi 16 février 2012

Last news

Since our last post, a lot of things happened!

We celebrated on 22nd January, Saint Vincent. Saint Vincent is the patron saint of wine growers. At this occasion, a mass is celebrated and the “new wine” (from the 2011 harvest) and brioches are blessed by the priest. Afterwards, a “vin d’honneur” (a reception) is served and we taste the “new wine”, which is the base for our next Brut Tradition (cannot be sold earlier than 2013). And this tasting is of good omen, the wine was delicate, fresh and liveliness while having pronounced aromas.

Winter finally arrived (finally, it is necessary to say it). The temperatures fell until -18°C at night and hardly more warmly than -5°C in the day. We also have some snow-covered episodes but nothing to compare to 2010-2011!

The temperatures being more clement, the work of the vine started again: winter pruning and pruning.

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